Let’s Get the Grandies Playing Outside

Let’s Get the Grandies Playing Outside

Maree / Jul 22, 2021

A stretch of concrete, some pavement chalk, a little imagination and the kids are entertained for hours. Could it really be that simple? Yes it is!

Why not start by helping the kids draw a road for their cars or their dolly in a stroller. Just a few simple lines with plenty of twists and turns for their adventures. You can even draw in the street lights, a few houses, perhaps a petrol station or a school – any of the features that little ones are used to seeing when they are in the family car. Then they’re ready for their big driving adventure!


And there are plenty of games to be played outside using chalk – hopscotch is so much fun for active kids and you might even like to try a game of twister!

For all those budding little artists, a few different coloured pieces of chalk will have them drawing flowers, birds, the sun….anything that they can see outside….or anything that their little imaginations can conjure up.

The grandkids faces will light up with hours of adventure play ahead…and your face will light up with joy, when it’s as simple as washing down the concrete at the end of day! Enjoy everyone!




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