Toodle The Cavoodle: Sniffle Snuffle

Toodle The Cavoodle: Sniffle Snuffle

Maree / Sep 14, 2022

We all love the joy of reading to our grandchildren, and “grandmothers-in-waiting” Maree and Lyndi, have developed the adorable character, Toodle the Cavoodle who will appear in a series of story books. The books are written by award winning children’s author, Richard Tulloch with glorious illustrations by the incredibly talented Heidi Cooper-Smith.

Toodle the Cavoodle loves finding smells in the scritchy, scratchy grass. But the grandparents of Lillipilly Lane love cleaning up and finding fresh uses for junk. They’re about to turn Toodle’s favourite sniffling snuffling patch into a neat and tidy park!  Oh no! What will Toodle do?

Toodle’s adventure sees him adapting to change and making new friends.

Noni Hazlehurst  – Actor and Author says: ‘A charming story, told in rich, entertaining language with imaginative and inspiring illustrations – it’s a delight.’

Sniffle Snuffle will be available this October, right here at Nanna’s Shop of Hugs in either paperback or hardback. We know you and your grandkids will just love it!

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