Let’s Get Crafty!

Let’s Get Crafty!

Maree / Jul 25, 2021

Crafty afternoons with the grandkids can be so much fun and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create something special with them.

Simply wander out into the backyard, or perhaps the local park and pick up some leaves. Look for lots of different shapes and colours so the kids have plenty of variety to work with. You might like to pick up some twigs, pebbles and flowers too.

We’ve given you a few ideas in these photos to get started but there is so much fun to be had and the grandkids will learn as they play with you. The straight lines of the twigs can make for the walls of a house. Or the perhaps the twigs could be the stem of a flower with the petals of the flower then sitting atop. Round yellow flowers can also sit in the sky and become the sun! Kids have such wonderful imagination and they learn about shape and colour as they create.


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