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Is Your Grandchild Obsessed with Dinosaurs?

Is Your Grandchild Obsessed with Dinosaurs?

Maree / Mar 07, 2021

Some grandkids are absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs! They want dinosaurs all over their room and know the names of even the most obscure dinos — in Latin. Well, here’s some good news… it turns out that being obsessed with dinosaurs is actually a good thing for a child’s intelligence!

According to Psychology Spot, being really interested in something is a positive thing. Being motivated to learn a lot about a single topic, like dinosaurs, is actually boosting your grandchild’s intellectual development and arming them with many positive tools for later in life.

Asking questions, looking for answers and asking for help, assists children in problem solving other difficulties that arise in their young lives.

A third of children develop one of these intense interests throughout their life, whether it be dinosaurs, astronomy, or something else. That obsession tends to make itself clear between 2 and 6 years of age, eventually fading. But in some cases, that interest doesn’t get extinguished during childhood and follows the child for a large part of their lives.

For any grandparent wanting to keep the interest alive, psychologists recommend teaching children facts about their interests.

….and let’s be honest, playing with dinosaurs is fun too!







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